Wayfinding / Tours

Find your way around Providence using our self-guided walking tours and wayfinding plaques!

Self-Guided Tours

Welcome to The Avenue Concept’s brand new, interactive, self-guided public art tours!. Whether you’re walking, riding or driving, these comprehensive tours will help you explore dozens of murals and sculptures throughout Downtown, the South Side and the West End. You can do as much or as little as you like, mix it up, do it backwards, stop in the middle and save some for later, only go to the sculptures or only to the murals – whatever you choose. These tours were designed to help you see the greatest number of artworks in one day.

Get started

Download the App: Our tours are best experienced using our tour app on your iPhone or Android device. Through the app you can follow our suggested routes or create your own path through this open-air art gallery. The app provides an interactive experience, including photos, videos and thought-provoking prompts to help you go deeper. You can also post your own photos to share the artworks that you love most with friends. 

Click here to download the iPhone app

Click here to download the Android app

View in Your Browser: If you need to view the tours in your web browser click here

Our “Take A Closer Look” questions available in the app provide another opportunity to think and talk about the art and your reactions to it. If you are really enjoying your adventure, pull out a pen and paper and answer some of these more in-depth creative prompts in our Art Explorer creativity guide.

Remember to  Tag us (@avenuepvd on Twitter and Instagram, @TheAvenueConcept on Facebook) and use the hashtags #avenuepvd whenever you post something from the tour. We love seeing people enjoying and interacting with the artwork. Thank you for helping us make public art happen!

Wayfinding Plaques

Our interactive art plaques located at each of the artworks not only provide information about the artist and the work, but they also allow for further interaction with the piece. Each plaque has a QR code that can be scanned with your smart phone's camera to bring you to an informative video about the artist and their process. The plaques also include a map of downtown with all of the work we have installed, so you can find your way from piece to piece and explore all that Downtown Providence has to offer.


Our wayfinding program during our 2019 Season was made possible by a grant from the Providence Tourism Council.