The Avenue Concept's mission has four main elements:


Funding and supporting the creation and installation of artwork in public spaces.


Creating public art encounters by incorporating art more thoroughly into the urban environment and providing opportunities to engage and interact with it.


Developing programs, policies, partnerships, and funding streams that make public art projects more viable and sustainable.


Promoting art and telling stories through documentation, communication, education, and programming.

We Believe:

  • Art belongs in public spaces

  • Both art and public spaces bring people together

  • The public has a right to experience and interact with art in everyday life

  • Public art enlivens and improves cities and adds value to public spaces

  • Public art should invite engagement and interaction, not passive observation

  • Art tells stories and creates dialogues

Our Impact


Public art installations


People passing through Kennedy Plaza daily, exposed to public art


Local and regional artists supported


Annually in tourism dollars, from murals alone


Sculptures brought to Downtown Providence


Art events produced


Raised by The Avenue Concept for public art


Yarrow Thorne

Founder & Executive Director

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Betsy Jones

Director of Operations

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Brian Dowling

Sculpture Program Manager

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Nicholas Platzer

Mural Program Manager

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Alice Firefly

Paint Bar Team Member

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Francisco Lovera


Project Manager; McMahon Associates

Jill Woodcome

Vice Chair

Strategy + Operations Leader

Jeffrey K. Techentin


Shareholder; Adler Pollock & Sheehan

Robert Monnes


CFO; AmWINS Group Benefits, Inc.

Steven Boudreau

Chief Administrative Officer; Rhode Island Department of Health

Jamie Coelho

Associate Editor; Rhode Island Monthly

Dr. Charles Denby II

Psychiatrist; West Bay Psychiatric Associates

Angela Gonzalez

Artist and Caseworker; Goodwill

Edward Lawrence

Enterprise Data Steward Leader; Citizens Bank

Jennifer Massotti

Creative Director + GM; Barrington Books

Cheryl Shaw

Director, Marketing Integration and Process; Collette

A special thank you to our donors:

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