Fr 9-3, Sat 10-4 --or if the shutters are rolled up

The Paintbar supports local street artists with flexible wall space, fosters street art conversations, and supplies a wide variety of high quality Montana “Gold & Black” spraypaints available for purchase.

In addition to selling the finest Montana products around, we also feature 240 feet of legal paint walls! So come on in, grab some paint, and make our walls your canvas.

Before the Avenue Concept was even born, Yarrow’s Cans found its home at our facilities on Lockwood Street. Over nine years later, The Paintbar provides artists with high quality supplies and space to practice their craft. Artists participating at the Paintbar can join the Avenue Concept for regular Paint Jams throughout the Summer to meet other artists, purchase paint and hone their skills on one of three outdoor walls.

Check out the latest pieces on or walls outside and follow us on Instagram