Announcing our new Strategic Plan!

"The first ten years were the proof of concept to show that public art could provide a compelling backdrop for vitality and connection." - The Avenue Concept Founder Yarrow Thorne

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The Avenue Concept (TAC) was born in 2012 with the belief that underutilized spaces could be transformed into vibrant places through public art and community connectivity. The initial idea was to bridge the gap between artists and public and private sectors by creating infrastructure and interest in public art. We directly connected with artists by creating a 240 ft. legal graffiti wall, an engagement opportunity that also demonstrated how public art could engage community and positively impact the challenge of uninvited graffiti. We began producing murals, sculptures, and experiences throughout the city. We hosted events like Avenue Sandwich and Influx that combined mark-making, music, art, skateboarding, food, photography, and video to see what was possible when we created shared experiences. 

We gained our 501 (c)3 nonprofit status in 2016 and built our mural and sculpture programs. Since then, TAC has produced over 300 public artworks and experiences, dramatically changing the look, feel, and engagement with the Providence cityscape and surrounding communities’ engagement with it. We’ve connected hundreds of artists, civic and business leaders, advocates, and property owners to execute high-quality public art experiences that connect people to their communities. The team developed infrastructure managing contracts, logistics, and safety during those first years and worked to help artists address themes, strengthen techniques, and adapt tools to work effectively and efficiently in public. From our early days on, we prioritized storytelling and have documented artists’ journeys through high-quality imagery and video. Since then, we’ve been inspired to see a robust public art ecosystem flourish. In 2022, the time was right to explore new possibilities for public art and TAC. We spent a year talking with neighbors, leaders, business owners, artists, and our community. We asked big questions, shared in complex and vital conversations, tested new project models, and documented and critiqued our approach. We made space for community voices and prioritized artists. The following pages show the results of twelve months of listening, learning, and imagining. 

As founder Yarrow Thorne offers, “The first ten years were the proof of concept to show that public art could provide a compelling backdrop for vitality and connection.” Today, we’re building avenues to share ideas and histories, celebrate pride, improve safety and business activity, and provide real, measurable value. We’re leaning into new ways to lead, execute, and provide opportunities for the next generation of arts leaders. And we’re deepening relationships with organizations and individuals to give voice to what, who, and how art is made in neighborhoods. 

There is much work ahead as we strive to carry out this strategic plan, but it is an exciting time to imagine how public art brings us together, offers pause, and amplifies our stories. You are an important part of our public art community and we hope you join us in exploring, learning and creating.

We make public art happen together, 

The Avenue Concept Team

Pillars + Goals


Engage in Conversation & Respond to the World Around Us

  • Build & Formalize a Shared Language
  • Create and Measure Placemaking & Placekeeping Efforts
  • Nurture Spaces, Relationships, & Partnerships
  • Formalize Strategies for Engaging with TAC’s Stakeholders, Partners, & Community
  • Move Toward More Transparent Programming

Develop Talent and Capacity for Future Success

  • Live Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging values
  • Address Succession And Long-Term Planning
  • Prioritize Time, Space, Practice for Fostering Collaboration, Communication & Clarity
  • Build Toward A Culture Of Creativity, Excellence, and Public Art Leadership
  • Diversify Revenue Sources & Pursue Long-Term Financial Sustainability

Expand and Strengthen Avenues Using Public Art

  • Execute High-Quality Programs & Projects
  • Develop Artist-First Spaces And Nurture Artists’ Highest Potential
  • Expand Youth and Adult Education-Centered Programming with Experienced Partners
  • Strengthen Municipal and Government Collaborations
  • Advance Innovative and Experimental Projects, Out-of-the-Box Partnerships, and Approaches