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Ave. magazine focuses on art in public spaces by documenting and promoting public art installations and programs, and recognizing artists and their work by telling their stories. A visually rich print publication.

Ave. celebrates the power of art to create a vibrant and inspiring environment in which to live and work. Public art, which springs from street art’s subversive roots and artists’ burning need to be heard, speaks loudly, shakes up routines, and invites people to linger and enjoy their surroundings.

Ave. magazine documents a year in the creative life of Rhode Island with articles and photo essays about the artists behind The Avenue Concept’s sponsored projects, the development of each project, the partnerships and collaborations that made the work possible, and the pieces’ impact on the community. It also shines the spotlight on a select few creative nonprofits in the community to bring their work to the forefront.

Premier Issue

Ave. Issue 1, Summer 2019

Gaia, Still Here
Rado Kirov, Freefall
Sherwood Grey, Grey Area
Sam White, Party Shark
Bert Crenca, Takes All Types
Philippe Lejeune, Trees on Plywood
Marly Rogers and Brower Hatcher, Cosmic Flower
Jenn Judge and Gairad DeCastro, Bioswale
Gabriel Warren, Column 6
Collin Gillespie and Myles Dumas, MoveRI
Isabel Mattia and Amber Dauphinee, City Garden
Jess X Snow,


One Gun Gone
What Cheer Writers Club
Big Nazo
Nicholson File


Ave. Issue 0, Summer 2018
Dan O’Neill
Nidal Fakhouri
Andrew Hem
Mateusz “Bezt” Gapski
Natalia Rak

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