Wind, the Waves, and The Light: In the Studio with Sculptor George Sherwood

“Each sculpture is a three-dimensional painting of shifting light, drawing all the colors of the environment, pulling down the sky, drawing up the earth and gathering everything in between. Quietly, gently stirring the light, each is alive: no beginning and no end.”
-George Sherwood

Massachusetts sculptor George Sherwood makes kinetic stainless steel sculptures that dance in the wind and light. The choreography of each piece is governed by a set of basic movements, facilitated by an arrangement of aerodynamic surfaces connected by rotational points. The reflective qualities of the material help to integrate each piece into its environment, with shades of light, time of day, precipitation, and seasonal color all transforming the sculpture. This summer we will be installing Grey Areas, one of our favorites among his transfixing kinetic pieces, at LaSalle Square in Downtown Providence, bringing a brief oasis of zen tranquility to the bustling cityscape.