Join us as a PLACEMAKER Member

Join us as a PLACEMAKER member and be a part of bringing the next season of public art to life.

For your $150 membership, you will be counted in our 100 Placemaker member campaign and help us to raise $15,000 for artist stipends, exhibits, and tours. Demonstrate your support for public art, artists, and the important stories that come to life as a result of our work together.

Join today!

Placemaker members are leaders just like you who receive benefits like special access, signature surprises and publications, discounts on event space, and more. And your generous support provides free art opportunities for explorers of all ages to enjoy public art.

This spring and beyond, we’ll bring you and our Placemakers together to celebrate, make and deepen public art community connections, and imagine our future together.

Benefits you’ll receive:

  • High fives for going the extra mile in supporting public art!
  • Invitation to virtual and in-person events throughout the year including our TAC Headquarters Open House and special curated Placemaker walking tours.
  • Signature Avenue Concept swag and subscription to our newsletter.
  • Copies of Avenue Concept publications, postcards, and surprises delivered via mail right to your door.
  • Discounts on event space at our headquarters gallery conference room, yard, and Legal Walls, plus discounts on spraypaint in our Paintbar.

Cheers to these inspiring leaders who’ve already joined to raise $15,000 to host tours, pay artists, and purchase supplies for our exhibits.

  • Rebecca + Charles Allen
  • Paul Brooks
  • Sue + Tim Bruce*
  • Vijay Chitnis
  • Jamie Coelho
  • The Coletta Group*
  • Judith Croyle
  • Jessica David
  • Christopher Donovan
  • Mea Duke
  • Myles Dumas
  • Tripp Evans + Ed Cabral
  • Ana González + Jeff Matteis*
  • Matthew Goodwin
  • Akhil Gupta + Erica Backmann
  • Tetsu Hara
  • Jenn Harris + Kyle Jackson
  • Mark Hellendrung
  • Ian Hislop
  • Siu-Li Khoe
  • Ryan Laughlin
  • Tyler Lewis*
  • Francisco Lovera
  • John Mattera
  • Kelley McShane
  • Arnell Milhouse*
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Dietrich Neumann
  • Robert Russell
  • Anna Shea
  • Paul Sohn + Lee Yon
  • Jill Spohn
  • Todd Spoor
  • Dune Thorne + Neville McCaghren*
  • Nell Thorne
  • Yarrow + Mary Ann Thorne*
  • Kayla + Shawn Viveiros
  • Kasey Vivenzio
  • Ken Wagner
  • Kristine Waxman
  • Dean Weinberg
  • Michelle Wilcox
  • Jill + Harold Woodcome*
  • Anne Woodhull
  • Jennifer Wright*
  • Partners
  • Center for Public Humanities
  • The Nuñez Co., Taryn and Ray Nuñez
  • Anne Wert

    *Placemaker Families