Let’s Get this Party (Shark) Started: 2-D Resident Local Artist Sam White Continues an Avenue Concept Tradition

We're once again breathing new life into the crumbling, historic facade of the former Providence National Bank building. Watch, as Providence artist Sam White's "Party Shark" swims into view.

For the third year in a row, The Avenue Concept has chosen a 2D Resident Local Artist to bring new life to a piece of Providence history that has fallen into disrepair. All that’s left of the historic Providence National Bank is the crumbling facade that still stands at Weybosset Street. Where some might have seen an eyesore, we saw a canvas for local artists.

Starting in 2016, we worked with the Providence National Bank’s owner, Paolino Properties, to launch a revolving mural project that would commission a different local artist to paint there each year. The first was Philippe Lejeune. Last year, Providence legend Umberto Crenca put his own stamp on the building’s former windows. Now, 2018 2-D Resident Sam White continues the tradition with his own large-scale work, “Party Shark.”

Check out the story behind the mural.