TAC TEN+: Timeline, The Avenue Concept

TAC Timeline

Many people know some of the work of The Avenue Concept (TAC) created over the years stretched forward from its early years, starting in 2012. It draws their attention because it exists now in so many high-profile locations and hidden pockets all over Providence. 

Often, years of work, conversation, and partnership happen before the final result. To put this timeline together, we began to string together some moments to highlight just a few of the people, ideas, groundbreakings, contracts, projects, and collaborations that were synthesized into a body of work widely recognized in the region. 

It took many people to build the portfolio that became a timeline. None of it exists in isolation. There are infinite timelines from many other artists, organizations, Providence communities, and more. Many were involved in shaping this city we are also celebrating today: Providence.

For TAC, it’s been a collective effort. This timeline provides an entry point into how that effort played out over the past ten+ years. To know when installations happened. To remember works from your own perspective while you see them from ours with an eye to our Founder’s perspective. To retrace some of the steps that brought us all here today.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

At our TAC TEN+, we’re popping up with art chairs, sculpture, and graff panels created by local artists.