The Avenue Concept
Nurtures and Supports
Public Art Ecosystems.

Explore our collection of public art in Downtown Providence

More than a dozen 2-D and 3-D artworks await you on a self-guided walking tour

The Avenue Concept's mission has four essential elements:


Funding and supporting the creation and installation of artwork in public spaces.


Creating public art encounters by incorporating art more thoroughly into the urban environment and providing opportunities to engage and interact with it.


Developing programs, policies, partnerships, and funding streams that make public art projects more viable and sustainable.


Promoting art and telling stories through documentation, communication, education, and programming.

Founded in Providence, RI in 2012, The Avenue Concept was the city's first private public art program. Since then it has installed or exhibited more than 150 works of public art, and invested $1.1 million in both artwork and infrastructure.

She Never Came by BEZT

Adventure Time by Natalia Rak

Cosmic Flower by Mid-Ocean Studio (Brower Hatcher and Marley Rogers )

Misty Blue by Andrew Hem

Interactive Light Experience in Kennedy Plaza by Yarrow Thorne

Free Fall III by Rado Kirov

Grey Area by George Sherwood

Wild Horses by Peruko Ccopacatty

Column 6 by Gabriel Warren

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