Hey, Everybody, #MakeYourArtPublic

Show your art in your windows and bring a little bit of beauty and joy to our communities

The Avenue Concept team has been busy figuring out ways to be helpful in this corona crisis. Last week we published self-guided public art tours and supplementary guides for families and public art fans to enjoy and learn while keeping safe distances.

Find maps and educational materials here.

This week we are asking for your help to bring a little bit of beauty and joy to our communities.

We are asking people to post their art in their windows to enliven and engage passersby and to demonstrate to our community that even in a time of anxiety and worry, we can all still be makers, inventors, and artists.

So please put up some work in your windows and take a photo. (Feel free to pose with your art in the photo – we love to see your faces!) It doesn’t have to be new work and it can be any medium: painting, photography, writing, sculpture, anything. This is a great project for kids too.

Your art doesn’t need to be professional or museum-quality to be worthy of sharing with others. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done an oil painting on canvas or doodled on a piece of notebook paper, sculpted something from stone or glued some popsicle sticks together, we want you to make your art public.

Post your photos to social media with the hash tag #makeyourartpublic and please tag us (@TheAvenueConcept on Facebook, @avenuepvd on Instagram and Twitter) so we can share it with others. We want people far and wide to see the inspiration happening here in Rhode Island. And please, spread the word to anyone with art to share.

You can also download and print this sign and include it in your photo, if you are so inclined, so that others know what to do.

We’re doing this because – as the Providence Journal pointed out on Sunday – public art never closes, because art brings meaning to life, because we are here and united as a community even when we are far apart.

We can’t wait to see your creations!